We help organizations avoid and fix the problem that causes 70% of big IT projects to fail.

If you’re on an IT project, you’ve got one job – getting the system implemented properly, on time, on budget. Unfortunately, teams on big IT projects currently fail at that job 19 out of every 20 times.

14 of those 19 failures boil down to one reason—poor communication of what the business is trying to do. We’re not talking 80/20 here. We’re talking 70/1. So, when it comes to project risk management, this one reason is incredibly important!

The problem with project communications isn’t that teams don’t talk. The problem is all the things teams forget to share. And scientists have recently discovered that “forgetting” is not an accident—we are literally hard-wired to behave this way. The problem with project communications—is us!

When you encounter a problem in an engineering project, you don’t get mad at the obstacle for being there. You deal with the issue and figure out a way around it.

We’ve found a way around this obstacle. Our mission is to share it.